There are many consulting foresters and companies; however, there are very few that offer actual land and management services. ClearWater offers timberland and farmland owners any service they might need. Prescribed burning, tree thinning and planting, timber cruising and sales, and boundary line maintenance form the foundation of the ClearWater. The ability to perform such various forestry, environmental, and land services is where ClearWater sets itself apart.

Forests are the most important natural resources of the Earth and one of the greatest legacies to future generations. ClearWater is concerned with responsible development and to ensure that the wood products they are using or producing originate from responsible managed forests. ClearWater is leading the local industry by making certain that forests are a managed resource. This is achieved through improving the standards of timberland health and site productivity.

ClearWater Forestry Services operates mainly in eastern Virginia and occasionally works in western Virginia. ClearWater is fully insured when we do work for you, the land owner. Look to ClearWater for a full service, turn-key forestry operation.